Development Pathway

What is AlphaR?
Bringing your world to your table.

Imagine if your game worlds could be brought to life on your gaming table? Integrated with your physical environment? Bridging the gap between conventional tabletop gaming and modern, immersive technology? Turning your game into a cinematic experience that you, the players, influenced and controlled?

This is AlphaR

Quick Links

Check out our Development Pathway on Trello. See where we are going, where we have been and how we got there!

Take a look at our Vision. What we want from the product and how we see ourselves getting there. What Technologies we intend to integrate and get your chance to comment on, change and grow the product. 

Here you can see all the ways we would love for you to help. From ideas, suggestions, social footprint and awareness all the way up to helping us develop the product and generate funds.

Read about our KickStarter project and how you can get involved.

Read our ethos and our promise to the community. Tabletop Gaming is our passion, working hard to do our passion justice is important to us... as are many other things! Have a read and hold us to it.

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