From conception to product.

Much like an idea... A Dev Blog has to start somewhere right? Whether it's born through passion, interest, boredom or otherwise, everything has a beginning. For instance, AlphaR was born from several beginnings:

  • A passion for board games

  • A love for technology

  • A need of the challenge

  • And ale

Virtual Reality and more recently, Augmented Reality, have both been hot topics in the tech world. In today's day and age, it's becoming more and more common for us, the consumer to be given something in a Beta (or even Alpha) format and asked to test, drive and push the product. Most of the time, we even pay for that "privilege".

VR and AR have been provided to us as a framework, an unfinished toy to play with, to see what can be born from our creativity. Yes, big name studios are producing glistening products that drag us kicking and screaming into worlds we once saw glaring out at us from a flat panel on a desk. But the community are creating wonderful products, innovative products. The technology maybe young, but the ideas are great.

Here at AlphaR, we have been moving at quite a pace since the idea's conception. We have moved from a hair brained idea (spawned in the mind of a nerd-gamer, developed at the bar of the local gaming club and created on a borrowed Macbook Pro) to a product that is now exciting gaming communities in the local area and becoming a reality.

When an idea takes hold, things happen. I've had my long and drawn out hunts for the infamous "Battlegrounds chicken" with my faithful sidekick/chauffeur "Benji" shortened, at every opportunity I canvas the idea with anyone who will listen, I've spiralled into the Unreal Engine in a manner that can only be likened to a confused Magpie that thinks he's seen an opportunity. But, just as with all ideas, things level out eventually and products are born.

I've found direction in the form of Rob Grigg, AlphaR's Project Manager. Ive found support in the form of the community. Ive found something I beleive in... and things are starting to take shape. And it's not slowing down.

Come with us.

Support us.


Make this project a reality.

Enjoy the ride.






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